Wednesday, February 04, 2009

Scenes from last summer

Last night I was looking through Jims photos from last summer. You may recall that I had to decamp at Uxbridge, as paid employment called, but Jim continued with Luck Duck up the Grand Union to Northampton and thence through to Ramsey, with a few stops along the way to wait for the weather, meaning that in all this part of the journey alone took three weeks.

There are four hundred photos from this, and in some of them the sun is shining! So I thought it would be a nice antidote to pick a few random selections from this album over the remainder of the winter (oh, and I've got nothing else to write about of course).

Now obviously looking at this one, my first thought is 'what's the next boat along but one?' and as there are so many photos I only have to click back along the sequence to see that it is in fact Elstree.


Amy said...

I suspect that I took a significant number of those 400 photos!

S said...

I did wonder how he'd managed quite so many from the tiller.

Anonymous said...

James's (the other one)hand was on the tiller for most of the way. We really must sort them and 'burn' a CD for you unless you can do it all from Sarah's blog which I suspect that you can.

J (the other one)