Monday, February 23, 2009

The temptations of the Nene

Following our posh lunch yesterday with relatives various, and tea and buns and presents in Wootton Bassett, we dashed back down the M4 in order to meet Craig, whose hectic schedule meant it was either last night or next month, to discuss our cunning plan for June jaunts.

Having long promised to show him what counts as a good time in Newhaven, we took him down the road to our local, the Prince of Wales, which was as heaving as I've ever seen it, with about seven people in total present. And there, over pints of Harveys, we beguiled him with photos of the Nene, displayed on my nifty little baby computer.

Well, the idea was well and truly sold, and the deal was done, and Craig and Jim will be navigating Warrior from Peterborough to Northampton over the weekend of June 20th. I will then take over (a handover in the Malt Shovel sounds like good practice) and the idea is that we then proceed to Braunston and find a convenient but non-obstructive spot for the following weekend's f&f in order to facilitate all night frolicking and non-stop fun.

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Halfie said...

Ah, Wootton Bassett. Fond memories. My (flying) uncle and aunt lived there in a house with a large garden right next to the GWR and very near the abandoned Wilts and Berks canal. There were old railway carriages in the garden: one, I seem to remember, was used as a chicken shed.

He now lives in a different Wootton: Wootton Rivers on the K & A.