Monday, February 05, 2007

A bed for the batteries

Enough self indulgent rambling, back to practical manly Warrior business. Jim has pretty much finished the new engine room floor and battery bay. This has gone as planned! So far. The space under the newly raised floor at the aft end of the engine room will accomodate two 220 amp hour leisure batteries and the start battery. They will be easily accessible via a removeable section of floor, and ventilation will be through gaps either side, below floor level on the engine side, and between the floor and the wall, under the step, on the outside. There is just about enough depth for the batteries to sit on a bed on inch thick Cellartex (sp?) insulation, so they don't get cold bottoms.

The flooring, which is still to be neatened up around the edges, is made of hardwood decking planks (I don't know what the wood is but I trust it's sustainable; it came from the same local firm where we got our iroko offcuts which Derek used to such good effect in the kitchen). These are a nice reddish colour and will look lovely when varnished. The new floor is still only the height of the edge of the engine bay, about an inch higher than in the main part of the boat and still a lot lower than in the cabin. Tall people may have to bow their heads very slightly, but it seems a price worth paying. Me, I can stand upright in the cabin, so what do I care.

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