Tuesday, February 06, 2007

Mounting excitement ...

I know there are still so many things that can - and probably will - go wrong, but we can't help starting to get excited with the third set of photos to have come from RN since we last visited. As Brian says in his email, it really is starting to look like a National engine now (and how much more so when it's painted in that shade of green all over!). Have a look here if you need a reminder of how it has looked over the past ten months or so.

Here it is from the other side:
And this is what it looked like before we started taking it to pieces:
When it is finished it will look slightly different. It will be a different shade of green, for a start. The water pump will be in a different place so some of the pipework will be altered. The whole engine room will be a lot neater and tidier! We've already lost those panels from the hatches, which will be painted to match the outside when they're open. They weren't original, those decorations are (whisper it) transfers. They were quite a job to get off, thanks to the liberal use of Gripfill or similar.

The new bit for the gearbox isn't ready yet, but it's in hand. What could possibly go wrong now?

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flatplane8 said...

Looks great! What size is this engine? I'm sure my boat used to have a nice vintage engine in it, as the brackets for the controls are there.

Got a modern Lister 3 cyl canalstar, which is great, but I still think about getting some old iron.

Maybe on the next boat ;)