Wednesday, February 28, 2007

Yet more engine pics

They're coming thick and fast now. I've just uploaded seven more photos here; these are the ones Jim took on February 19th. As you can see, it's now out of isolation and back on the main ward, and looks to be very nearly complete. The idea is that Ian will, fairly shortly, bring it to Stretton, where Warrior is, on his trailer, and we will finish painting it there. Then the time will finally come to crane it back into the boat. I hope to capture this on video and even post it on YouTube for your excitement and entertainment. It has recently been brought home to me however that this is far from being the end of the story, because we will still have to complete the installation, and we're aware of some people who have waited quite a long time for that stage to be completed. Still, looking on the bright side, we are on schedule so far (thanks to our schedule incorporating a realistically long time frame); the only other major job is the painting, and we are starting to feel our way around planning that, hopefully to be ready for signwriting in May. That's only two months away!

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Anonymous said...

that boat is going to go one day! and with a 4 litre engine - if we see surf flying in the distance we shall know who it is :)