Saturday, February 10, 2007

Finishing touches

We've added a few final things to Warrior's saloon/kitchen. The tall mirror by the door is the one I found by the bins in Huddersfield, where no doubt it had been left for that purpose. The Harveys mirror came from our local tip in Newhaven, a bargain at £2 as you can still buy them new in the Harveys shop for £24. I'm all for supporting my local brewery, but I'd rather do so through purchasing their core products than mirrors. (I left a nice mirror on Andante - one of my earliest jumble sale finds. I hope her new owners appreciate it ... but I'm not sure their tastes and mine coincide; I'm very wounded that they snipped off the lovely yellow cut glass beads that I'd so carefully sewn to the lace over the door, and no doubt just chucked them in the bin.)

Then in the kitchen we have put this old advertising thermometer. It is broken, but that's the reason I thought it would be OK on the boat. We have an unbroken Duckhams one at home, but I feared that if we put that on Warrior it would be very vulnerable to the shocks occasioned by banging into things. We also have a lovely big Craven A enamel sign, but that's in the kitchen at home. They were all collected by Jim in Brighton in the 1970s. We've also put up a couple of reproduction enamel adverts donated by my mother, one for Fry's cocoa, over the cooker, and one for Black Cat cigarettes. I don't think much of those brass light switches, by the way, but don't suppose white plastic would look any nicer.

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