Sunday, April 15, 2007

A cure for the common cold

Last weekend we had Baz on the boat and he was coughing and spluttering with germs he brought back from Ireland (or possibly the hordes of adolescents he went to Ireland with), and for once I was unable to avoid them (the germs, not the adolescents. I always avoid the latter). Then I had three days at a conference to incubate them, so by yesterday I was feeling pretty lousy and looking like the wreck of the Hesperus. But this morning I was all bright and perky again, completely cured of the lurgy. Which proves, I think, that a bit of boating (even stationary) is the long-sought cure for the common cold.

Today we've been getting the engine room ready for the engine to go in, which is planned for Tuesday. Lots of little bits and pieces, repainting the engine bay, touching up the rest of the paintwork; drilling the holes for mounting the day tank (which is very heavy) and generally clearing out all the accumulated rubbish. I don't really need to tell you where we're taking our thirsty selves now, do I?

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