Monday, April 02, 2007

Latest update

Sorry to have gone a bit quiet but it's been too windy to stand outside with a blanket over my head to keep the sun off the screen. I think I really will have to look into getting some kind of remote aerial for the datacard.

We've been doing lots and lots and lots of little jobs this weekend. In my case, mostly cleaning and polishing. I hope Brasso isn't a cumulative poison ... Warrior is really starting to look lovely now on the inside. Only the cabin now is really in a mess (having previously been the only clean and tidy part). This morning Jim stripped the flaky green and black paint off the cabin stove and it's now blackleaded. Looks much better.

We now have running water! This is a source of great joy after lugging containers of it around, but was not without its traumas. We arrived on Saturday to find Clive the electrician hard at work, and he left us with the water pump and battery charger connected. We were delighted to discover that the removal of the engine has left the cold water system intact and no pipes leading nowhere. We were not so pleased to discover, on finally undoing the stopcock, that the inline filter was broken and leaking rather severely. It was sorting this out that was the traumatic part, as we couldn't get the stopcock fully turned off again (ho hum) so had to bypass the filter while collecting a steady stream of water in a succession of small saucepans. It is working OK for the moment though, lovely water coming out of the tap and the Seagull filter, and as a bonus it no longer knocks like it used to.

Another treat has been seeing some lovely boats come by on their way to the Easter gathering at Ellesmere Port. I'm hoping that we can find some excuse to come back next week and go on up there; we had such a lovely time last year. (After literally bumping into a few of them on our way down). Tied up next to us here is Minnow which will be leaving tomorrow morning for the Port.

Time to get back to the Brasso.

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