Saturday, April 28, 2007

A hole in the roof

OK, this was the week before last ... but this is the roof after the engine went back in. The whole operation went so smoothly in part because we had a nice big removeable panel with plenty of space to spare. The panel was then bolted back down on a bed of paintable silicone, which made doing up the nuts a lovely sticky job for me. The best thing I know of for getting silicone off - and I discovered this by accident while doing Helyn's bathroom (OK, toilet cupboard) floor and didn't realise at the time what a great discovery it was - is baby wipes. Really cleans wet silicone off well.

Before replacing the panel we got Keith to cut a hole in it for our new roof vent; he has now (I hear) also fabricated the flange for it so we will need to paint and fit that this weekend. Jim is going to make the bit that goes over the top (name?) and it will look like this one (not the same colours though).

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