Friday, April 13, 2007

Still alive - just!

Cos I know you were worried. Last weekend was spent rubbing down and painting and rubbing down and painting and rubbing down again, and I would have posted about it, photos and all - because Warrior is looking really great now - but the T-Mobile card decided to go on the blink. Literally, bacause its little lights just kept flashing randomly and very fast. We've phoned up T-Mobile and they were very helpful; apparently this is a known fault in a batch of cards (ho hum) and they actually call it 'disco light sundrome' (at least, the guy we spoke to did) and if it is that it can be fixed with a download as soon as I get home with the laptop. So that's why I didn't post earlier in the week, and since then I've been exiled to Bath, where I have caught a passing glimpse of canal from the bus but am based at a distinctly out of town university taking a break from being a coachpainter (for which read rubber-downer; I know my strengths) and transforming myself back into a respected academic and trying not to notice the state of my fingernails. As you might be able to tell, I am entering the final (hopefully not terminal) stages of conference fatigue, but all will be well when I am back up the boat at the weekend. Great things are promised for this trip, but, you know ...

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