Wednesday, April 04, 2007

Today I have been mostly polishing

And I have the broken and blackened fingernails to prove it. But finally, very nearly all the interior brasswork is done. It does look great, even if I do say so myself. And finally, although I'm sure not for long, the whole boat is clean and tidy at the same time. The wind finally dropped enough to get a bit of painting done today (following the obligatory grinding and filling) and so the foredeck had a second coat of primer. The incentive for getting this done, and the foreward bulkhead, is that we will then be able to put our brass licence holder up and let a bit more light in through the portholes. They look very nice on other boats, but looking at the thing out of the packaging, it doesn't seem to be terrifically well designed; there's no seal between the glass and the brass frame (we'll probably stick the glass in with some clear silicone) and you have to unscrew the whole thing from the boat to change the licence every year. Still, hopefully better than having it stuck in the window. We also have a mooring permit, but I've stuck them in the cupboard for now, on the reckoning that we really only need to display that when moored back at Hargrave.

We are back home now, all set to pick Baz up tomorrow following his orchestra tour in Ireland, and hoping to persuade him to accompany us back up at the weekend. We are now definitely planning to fit in a day at Ellesmere Port, and possibly also visit the Anson Engine Museum. Over the last week we've seen quite a few lovely boats on their way to the Port, but it was a special thrill this morning to see a large Northwich approaching, unliveried, and to identify it by its water can as Seaford; Seaford being the nearest place (about three miles to the east) to us to feature as a Town Class boat, so I feel it's a little bit special. We will have to seek them out on Saturday to explain why we were so excited ('Seaford! Is that Seaford?' 'Yes' 'Fantastic!!')

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