Thursday, April 19, 2007

'Little' job got even bigger

That wasn't the end of the story with the licence holder (see below). When I went out to admire it later that evening, there was a little crack in the glass. I assumed I'd banged it with the hatch - the brass frame does stand out that far from the bulkhead. But then I was sitting inside the boat reading the paper when I heard a sharp crack. When I looked again, the glass had cracked in the opposite corner. Obviously it had been done up so tightly - as it surely has to be if it is to be watertight - that as everything cooled down at the end of the day, the contraction was sufficient to break the glass, especially as the rear surface of the brass is uneven. By the following morning, it was cracked all over and right across. The only solution would appear to be to replace the glass with perspex. Do I wish we'd never started off down this particular road? Not really; if the end result still looks good it will have been worth the trouble.

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Del and Al said...

Hi Sarah

Great blog !!

Hope the perspex works, because we have the same problem you have with portholes and like the brass licence plate holder. Our boat is due to be started soon, so good luck with yours.

Del & Al
N.B Derwent6