Sunday, July 29, 2007

Lewes - Newhaven raft race

The annual raft race from Lewes to Newhaven took place today. The competitors left Lewes at mid day, and started to arrive in Newhaven at around quarter past two, having paddled about seven miles downriver. After passing the finishing line at Denton Island, they continue under the swing bridge, where they are traditionally pelted with flour and water bombs by wellwishers - and they retaliate, so Baz and I made sure to stand to one side, especially as some of the rafts equip themselves with hoses and pumps. We couldn't stay to see all the stragglers arrive, so only saw the more professional efforts. This year's theme was 'The Magic of the Musicals' and we saw a couple of Spamalots (including the winner), two South Pacifics and a Wizard of Ouse.

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Pete Woodcock said...

Never before have I ever seen the phrase 'magic of the musicals' better summed up in performative fashion than some people desperately paddling down stream in a hastily constructed raft whilst being pelted with flour and water. It is what most people feel like after watching Andrew Lloyd Webber's latest.