Tuesday, July 24, 2007

More rain. Boring.

I know you don't want to hear about rain. You're sick and tired of hearing/seeing/reading about rain, and probably of sitting under it too, and wading through mud and generally being wet - and that's assuming you haven't been flooded out or swept away. But honestly compels me to report that on Friday, when we had intended to set off for Coventry, it rained; and it rained sufficiently for us to think, no, we won't actually start out today.

Instead, Jim turned his attention to the remaining electrics to be sorted out. In particular, we wanted to get the tunnel light working. He connected up some likely looking wires, and lo, the bilge pump worked, so that's one thing done. The light at this stage refused to co-operate though. Jumping ahead, on Monday an electrician at Valley Cruisers (very good pumpout/shop/nice people) tested the socket and that's working fine, as are the nav lights (well, the one we've got left) so the fault clearly lay with the lamp itself, which was disappointing, as it had been tested and worked previously. However, it seems to be a fuse in the light itself, so we're hoping that it will be relatively easily sorted out. Just the horn left to connect up then ... when we get one.

Back to wet, miserable Friday, and some more good news. Because it was so damp and horrid, I lit the French stove again and gave it a proper workout this time. It worked brilliantly, all afternoon and evening, and looked lovely too.

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Keith Lodge said...

Hi Sarah.
Isn't this weather boring and frustrating?
But we count ourselves lucky as we have no flooding here as yet. A friend of ours from the boatyard was stranded at braunston due to flooding. We imagined having to send him food parcels lol.
Glad to hear your getting things done on Warrior, this rain does have some advantages, it means you get the little things done.