Sunday, November 25, 2007

Here comes another one

Someone, somewhere, has just bought another three cylinder National; a D3, so essentially similar to Warrior's albeit not a marine (DM) model. The Ebay ad mentioned my Canal Boat article as showing an example of 'what can be achieved with such a lovely piece of old British Engineering'. I won't argue with that - I only hope that it didn't put too many buyers off by setting out the costs involved too!

I did contact the seller, and just tried to email again so that he can pass our details on to the new owner, but I'm not sure it's going to go through now that the auction's finished. So if anyone knows who it is who's bought it, point them in this direction - it'll be great to compare notes, offer encouragement and watch progress.


Anonymous said...

It was me - I've just emailed you. I picked it up today and am going for the labotamy tomorrow.

Boatwoman said...

Hi Sarah.
I have just read your article and very good it was too.
A very informative read.
Good luck to the buyer of the National engine on Ebay, we were looking at it hahahaha.