Tuesday, November 20, 2007

If I lived on a boat....

Then I wouldn't have to think of tenuous and/or spurious boaty links to post about everyday things. If I lived on a boat (like Carrie or Jaytee), then everything I did would be boat-related. Like on Sunday, when the weather was wet and miserable, and there was a howling gale going on outside, and I cheered myself up by baking lots of cakes.

And I asked myself, am I better off living in a house in this weather, or would I rather be on a boat? I used to love it on Andante being tucked up in bed in weather like that, hearing the rain lashing on the roof and feeling the boat moving in the wind. And it's lovely to be cosy in a little cabin with the stove, rather than a big house. But on the downside, there's more often than not mud outside, and water to fetch... I dunno... Can I have another go just to be sure?

I had a lovely postcard once. It said 'Just give me the chance to prove that money can't make me happy'.

By the way, Carrie's Blackbird blog is great. Thanks to Granny Buttons, again, for drawing my attention to it. But I also want to put in a word for a non-boat blog, also courtesy of Andrew: Diamond Geezer, my new every day must-read. It's about London, in all its glorious and not so glorious aspects, full of information and fantastically and voluminously written. I don't know how he does it. Randomly browsing his archive yesterday I came across this photo, which is my new desktop background on my work computer.


diamond geezer said...

Thanks Sarah.

My dad would be delighted that the canal towpath at the bottom of the house where he grew up is now splashed across someone's work computer.

Boatwoman said...

Hi Sarah.
I cannot see us living in a house again, even when its wet I still love it. There I was the other night emptying the ash bucket in the dark with the rain hammering down, and I still loved it.... I know I am mad.
I love carries blog, she is a lovely lady who I got to meet last year when she left her boat at Roger's yard. I am looking forward to meeting up with her again very soon.

Anonymous said...

Blushings :)
Thanks for the kind mentions. It's true what Boatwoman says about still loving even the tough bits.

Sarah, you seem to always have a wide variety of interesting stuff to write about. Perhaps just writing about boats might be too limiting for you even if you lived aboard full-time!
(I have another non-boaty blog of a graphic novel in progress (hidden at the mo), like a picture of Dorian Gray in the attic - shows up my darker, arrestable side!)
- Carrie x