Saturday, March 29, 2008

A little light polishing

At last, I remembered to do a before and after! Well, sort of. I didn't actually, but then I remembered that there was another one which I could use for comparison, although I must confess that I didn't magically mend it; the one I polished was unbroken all along. It took an hour and a quarter of moderately vigorous Brassoing, and the uncomplaining sacrifice of two fingernails (v.s.)

These gorgeous solid brass bulkhead lights were, Jim tells me, purchased at Preston Brook at the IWA Festival. The best one is going to go in the engine room, the broken one maybe in the back cabin or by the bed under the foredeck. We have even tracked down some bulbs, at the Ramsey Motor Company (I think that's what it's called); the men in there very patiently went through their stock to find the right sort which were, for my future reference (not because I have the slightest belief that you, dear reader, are interested) 335s. I bought three, for a grand total of £1.50, or if you prefer (and it seems somehow fitting) thirty bob.

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