Saturday, March 15, 2008

Things are taking shape

Apologies for the prolonged absence - things have been a bit hectic this week.

Much excitement in the Warrior household this weekend though as plans for our summer jaunt are finally starting to take shape. You may recall that things started with a frustratingly vague desire to 'come to London', with no real idea of how or when. We wanted to go on the Thames, but also perhaps not to come down the most obvious way, straight down the GU from Northampton.

Then my sister, who lives in Newport (the one that moves in and out of Wales), was trying to arrange a get together with our cousin, who lives near Swindon (the GWR side of the family) for Easter, and we couldn't, because we have to paint the boat at Easter, and now we're going to the Napton banter too. Then Jim had a brilliant idea: he pointed out that Lechlade and other points at that end of the Thames are actually very near Swindon. Why not take a right turn off the Oxford and go all the way up to Lechlade, and have a get together on the boat. What an excellent proposal.

So yesterday I Canalplanned it (nine days from Ramsey) and this morning we started to think of when might be the best time to go. Then Jim had a second brilliant idea: we have both always fancied going to the Cropredy Festival, but never have. When is it, I asked... early August he thought ... had a look, and lo and behold, August 7th - 9th. So we have our destination(s) and we have our timetable. Sebastian is off to France with the East Sussex Youth Orchestra at the end of July, and has one last concert in England on their return, on July 29th. So we can leave on the 30th - he wants to come to Cropredy, and I sure as hell want him to come on the Nene. Quite a tight timetable, but do-able. As Baz will hopefully be working this summer (selling candyfloss on Brighton seafront), after the get together at Lechlade my cousin can take him to Swindon and put him on a train home.

Then we turn around and head down the Thames - all the way to Limehouse if we're brave, Brentford if we're not - and back onto the cut. And then? Well, we shall have to see...

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