Sunday, March 30, 2008

More floor

Well, here it is, the new vinyl, all nicely laid. It's a bit sad to see the old tiles disappear, as I was quite proud of what I achieved with them, especially as I did it all myself, and I didn't do the vinyl. Still, it should hopefully be easier to keep clean, and the squares are slightly smaller, although I'm not sure I really like the marbled effect. The join should be hidden once we get some white silicone to fill it in with, and if not, then there is a fall back plan.

About ten years ago we went to B&Q to get some carpet edging strip, and they had strips of solid brass with a slight 'D' profile. We bought some lengths of this to cover the carpet joins in the upstairs doorways. Subsequently one got taken up when we replaced the landing carpet with a runner and I've just cannabilised another one for the boat - these strips are going to be runners for the coal box so it won't have to dragged over the vinyl. There is still one brass strip in the house, neatening the join between bathroom and landing. If, however, the join in the vinyl can't be hidden, that also will be plundered for the boat. Poor old house.

I feel quite cross with myself that I didn't spot the potential of those brass strips and buy up a large quantity ten years ago, because of course they don't sell it any more.

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