Tuesday, March 04, 2008

Window dressing

Way, way back, we agreed that it would be good to get new rubber seals for Helyn's windows - just to smarten her up really. They didn't leak, but they looked pretty tatty, especially on the inside where someone had attempted to paint the rubber white. So Jim located and ordered some smart new sealing stuff, and took out the windows prior to finishing the painting. Once the outside was painted, it was time to put the windows back in, so that then the inside could be finished off. Unfortunately, this was easier said than done. Jim struggled with it; Jim and Sebastian struggled with it, and all to no avail. Then Aaron said that he would ask his friend, who is a professional windscreen fitter, to help. So he came round to have a look, and mentioned a price that made me suck my teeth somewhat - but by golly, he's earned every penny of it. Yesterday afternoon and evening, and this evening too, he and Jim together fought those windows in. I wasn't there to witness any of it, sadly, but I did manage to phone up once in the middle of the operation and it sounded very serious. So I was very pleased to see, on arriving home this evening, that the tarpaulin was finally off and all four windows back in place - only finished minutes previously. Sebastian took the photo from an upstairs window - he didn't dare venture into the fray.

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