Friday, May 30, 2008

Ready for inspection

Carl and Sean arrive tomorrow. Their house is spotless. Their cats are impeccably trained. And sleek. When Carl feeds our cats while we're away, Jim always makes sure to wash the kitchen floor first. Carl has a very damning way of describing people as 'a stranger to bleach.'

Ever since we first got Helyn, Carl has followed our boating progress with great interest. He is the only other person I know personally who has not only watched all of Narrow Boat, but also Locks and Quays (which I've never seen). A lot of honour is at stake here. This is why we had to come up a day early in order to get all the brass done and the whole boat shipshape. It has taken me all day to do the back cabin, but I have polished everything. I have washed don all the walls and scrubbed the floor. I have blacked the stove. And coiled the rope. I've also removed the blue velvet-upholstered fitted cushions, and am now sitting on the bare grained side bed. It looks so much better, I don't know why I didn't think of it before. The cushions required for the bed all (just) fit in the bed cupboard, so I think it can stay this way. It's so much more practical, as well as looking brighter and less cluttered. The side bed is used far more as shelves than seating anyway.

Really, we should have a visit from Carl and Sean every spring - it's such a great incentive for getting ready for the summer.

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