Saturday, May 10, 2008

What's happening then?

It's not that there's nothing happening; it's just that I'm not there, my presence having been required elsewhere last week (and this). A lot is happening, in terms of painting, but communication links between here and Ramsey (well, between Ramsey and anywhere, to be honest) are not excellent; however, the latest update is that Jim finished three coats of undercoat yesterday and this morning started preparing for the topcoat. All the undercoat is black, which was thus relatively simple, but the top coats are black and grey, so that will be rather more complex. It's a bit too hot really for doing it, and I imagine that the paint dock is like a tomato house. He started painting yesterday at five in the morning.

I'm kicking myself for bringing the digital camera home and not leaving it with him. It was because the batteries had run out, but of course he could have got some there. It's a little bit of a walk to the shops but Moominpapa has been lending Jim his car!

We decided that it wasn't worth my going back up to visit this weekend, but I will go on Thursday, and then we'll both come back tomorrow week. Then at the end of the month, Carl and Sean are bringing their caravan to the Bill Fen CL, so we'll be back up there then, hopefully to take them on a little boat trip. They've been listening to us going on about the boats for so long, it's about time they actually got to see it in the flesh. It would be nice to think we might even get the signwriting done by then, but I'm not sure how and when John will be able to fit us in for that.

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