Tuesday, May 06, 2008

Twenty Questions

Don't you love those questionnaire things that celebrities (or worthies, depending upon your publication of choice) answer in the Saturday and Sunday papers? Don't you always go through them answering the questions yourself? Or is that just me?

Well, as he reported on his own blog, Granny Buttons' Andrew is the respondent to this month's Canal Boat Twenty Questions. Naturally miffed at not being asked myself (I didn't get a column either, grr), I swore that I would answer the self same questions here, and would like to suggest that other boat bloggers do likewise.

One little thing though, just to make it more interesting (and less arduous, and with less risk of copyright infringement), I thought I would just put my answers here, and not reproduce the questions. So you can either read it in conjunction with your well thumbed copy of Canal Boat, or, if you like an element of mystery, you can guess at what the questions might have been. You may even find it amusing to mix up the questions and answers randomly. I recall this was something I used to find unconscionably funny as a child. The answer 'Wiping it with bread' can still reduce me to helpless laughter. So here goes:

1. The Huddersfield. Stunning views and seventy-four lovely locks.
2. The Nene. Pretty views and thirty-something horrid locks.
3. Someone calm and quiet who doesn't shout.
4. Gentlemen and Players by Joanne Harris. Random library choice.
5. Dawn.
6. Daily Mail readers.
7. Now. But second choice, the thirties. For the boats, obviously, but also the silk underwear.
8. I'm afraid I haven't, yet.
9. Barrister.
10. Have more money but be much poorer.
11. Generally superior to a random cross section of society.
12. Beer. Of course. Mind you, I had a bath once, and that was nice.
13. Bloody minded boaters.
14. Are you lost?
15. Portholes.
16. Pump out (but it won't fit in my Walkman)
17. Canals. Rivers are pretty, but canals are canals.
18. On a boat.
19. Too early to say.
20. The ability to steer.


Adam said...

I've just discovered another variation on your game of mixing up the questions. I didn't have the current issue of Canal Boat to hand, but the previous one was right here, so I looked at the questions in there. And it turned out that they're in a different order. My favourite was: 13. What the waterways need are ... bloody minded boaters.

Anonymous said...

I agree with 20 having met you head on half way up Braunston.

S said...

You weren't very sympathetic I recall.

Anonymous said...

Touche. But you have the wrong boat. I was the tiddler.

S said...

Apologies for tarring you with that brush then.