Monday, April 13, 2009

And back again

Today, Peterborough to Floods Ferry and beyond, and back to Bill Fen.
And yes, it was just about as exciting as it sounds. The hint of blue that we saw in the sky this morning quickly resolved itself to grey, and I have to say, the fascination of experiencing this flat textureless landscape in monochrome was starting to pall. We had the bright idea of spending tonight at Floods Ferry, where we used to moor Helyn, so we set off in that direction.

When we got there we were very pleased to see that the willow tree we 'donated' (when it became too big for our tiny garden - another Woolworths purchase) was still going strong, but the caravan and lodges had multiplied considerably and the visitor moorings were packed, and we decided we didn't fancy it after all and that we would go on to March. And the sky got greyer and the air got colder and we thought what are we carrying on for - it's not as if we haven't been to March before - and quite the nicest place to be is Bill Fen anyway, so we turned around, and as we started on our way back, miracle of miracles, the sun actually came out, and what a difference it made. Seeing everything in warm colour again emphasised how dull it had all been before, and the warmth quickly drove away the oppressive chill that had dogged us since Friday. And all was right with the world again.

But we came back anyway, because what we really want to do is get our Middle Level plaque, a special one you can get for going to four obscure points of the waterway, of which Holme Fen is one, but we didn't know or have forgotten what the others are, so we thought we would ask Lyn. I had a look at the Bill Fen website to see if it was on there but couldn't find it - but they have linked to Warrior - what an honour! I had better be sure only to say nice things about the place then - although miserable old curmudgeon that I am, I really do only have nice things to say. And a peacock has just walked past - there.

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