Sunday, April 26, 2009

Welsh weekend

I will continue with my Chiswick adventures when I get home, but this weekend I'm in Newport, Gwent (OK Gwent doesn't officially exist any more, but you know where I mean) visiting my sister. Yesterday we went shopping and today I believe we are going to Abergavenny. When I originally planned the visit I looked into hiring a dayboat on the Mon&Brec, but it proved a combination of too expensive and inaccessible by public transport.
There is canal interest here, but I have yet to suss it out. I was discussing it in the pub last night with some of Ali's friends who said it can be found in the town, sorry, city, and followed for some way. I gather from them that part of it at least is in water and there are still extant locks. Any further information would be greatly appreciated - I have only been able (albeit with a brief search) to find stuff relating to Newport in Shropshire. There was an old photo of one lock in the pub - a sixteenth century establishment called the Olde Murenger. Apparently a murenger is the person who looks after the town walls.
The canal - and railway - are celebrated with a splendid mosaic cum bas relief on an underpass by the river Usk.


Halfie said...

Hi Sarah

We walked the entire length of the Mon and Brec last year, and I took lots of photos. Here's the post relating to Newport (more photos than information, sorry!) I followed the unnavigable section as much as possible, but it got difficult near its junction with the Usk.

Richard Fairhurst said...

Following the Sustrans cycle route 47 signs north from Newport Castle will take you to the in-water stretch of the Monmouthshire. Then continue up the Crumlin Arm and you'll get to Fourteen Locks, which are pretty awesom.