Wednesday, April 29, 2009

On the move again

Andante (aka Saxon) is for sale AGAIN! This time smartly painted and with a new engine of all things. Those rose-painted panels on the front doors were rescued from the rubbish in Huddersfield; it's nice to see they're still part of her. I wonder if my abysmal painting still features on the corridor cupboard.

Poor old girl, it seems that since Mike bought her from her first owners, no one has been faithful to her for long. But certainly Mike and I (I don't know about subsequent owners) were so besotted that we went on to buy bigger boats.

The price keeps going up too - now asking over 50% more than I paid in 2004 even though she's now crossed the twenty-year-old mark. Well, good luck to her, she's a lovely little boat.

Thanks to Michelle in Chapel Hill for alerting me to this!

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