Wednesday, April 08, 2009

Found it!

Still, I suppose it wasn't really lost. But it was still nice to come across this on my way from the conference centre last night. As I was watching a small girl came up to me. My expertise must have showed, because she asked me 'Is that gate allowed to be open?' I said perhaps it wouldn't stay shut. Should she go and shut it, she wanted to know. I thought this was probably to be discouraged, as she really was quite small and was accompanied by an even smaller boy. Then they caught sight of three rather menacing looking Canada geese on the lockside, and with a cry of 'Duckies!' they were off in pursuit.


Anonymous said...

I thought the 'Duckies' were in Cambridge.


Amy said...

Is that the Rochdale?

S said...

Indeed it is. I said goodbye to it this morning and said we'd see it in the summer.