Saturday, April 11, 2009

No place like Holme

Day 2? Wherever it was to Holme, and Holme to Whittlesey

Yes, we did make it up Holme Fen this time. And discovered in the process that the point where we had to turn back last time (or rather not turn back but reverse out) was only about 150 yards from the end and the winding hole. Well, they call it a winding hole, but really it's more of a narrow channel round an island, and not at all spacious, but we managed it, and so did Melaleuca. Oh yes, and so did about a dozen stalwarts of Peterborough IWA who were having an Easter cruise up Holme Fen and most of whom were on their way out as we were on our way in and just getting to the narrow bit. In fact I was very pleased with the way I manoeuvred around most of them, until one very small boat appeared without looking from behind one that was waiting for us to pass, and threw it all into chaos.

Tonight we are in Whittlesey, and about to sample its nightlife. The town has an impressive number of pubs with some delightful names - The Hero of Aliwal, The Letter B - as well as a Black Bull, Falcon Hotel, a George (closed), a Boat Inn, and others which I can't remember. I liked the idea of The Hero of Aliwal - a local character called Harry Smith who played a decisive part in the Sikh Wars (according to Imray), but the pub itself was not very inviting (also, a food hygeine certificate granting the holder three stars out of a possible five is hardly a ringing endorsement, is it. If it were mine I don't think I would display it in the window quite so boldly). The Letter B may get a look in though.

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