Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Back on the move again

The holiday albums are briefly interrupted while something real actually happens.... Yesterday I met up with Mike who was steering Lapwing in Little Venice, and we went and had a drink and something to eat in the Warwick Castle. I was pleased to see that their recent 'facelift' (as they put it) is indeed an improvement and has done nothing to spoil the effect and the atmosphere in there. The menu seems to have got a little more adventurous, and a bit more expensive to go with it, but it was still very nice nonetheless.

And tonight, here we are, back again, at Stretton, for tomorrow - at six a.m. - we set off in Hampstead to collect Chertsey. No. 1 son, Aaron, has come with us, and earlier - after persuading him to assuage his boredom by walking into Brewood - we all went off for a little run in Warrior, to Wheaton Aston and back, so that Aaron can have boat lessons (not that he needs any in steering, grrr), in anticipation of the day when he will be holidaying en famille on the boat.

So, finger crossed that all goes smoothly tomorrow.

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