Thursday, September 10, 2009

'Ow do, Blossom

Well, I know he reads this sometimes. There I was, working away on my book this morning (well, working up to it anyway) and of course I couldn't resist having a little peek at CWF to see what gems had been added overnight, and someone had put in a link to Blossom's reminiscences of his introduction to boating as a boy in the Black Country... so I had a little look, and I was still reading it when I had to leave for work two hours later. I shall read some more now, too.

Read it. It's brilliant.

Another hour later, having got to the end... Blossom, we need an update! Tell us about Minnow!


Blossom said...

And 'ow do Sarah
Ar see yowm learnin tew spake propper at last ma wench!
Thanks for the mention but how embarrassing. If it's information about Minnow then please take a look at:

Halfie said...

Thanks for the link - fascinating!