Monday, September 14, 2009

Here comes another one

I've left it too late to take a photo tonight, but this afternoon we took delivery of another Volvo 240 estate. A plain GL this time, no leather upholstery, no (gulp) electric windows, no sunroof, but 2.3 five speed manual, and only 23 years old. It belonged to a neighbour of a colleague of number one son, an elderly gent who wants to get something smaller, having owned, looked after and hardly used it for eons. It's blue and very clean for its age.

So we now have three 240s sitting on the drive: this one, the luxurious but automatic 1989 GLT estate, and my faithful Bluebird, the 2.0 saloon, which has hardly been used since I stopped working at Portsmouth. In 2004.

So, having looked at the prices they seem to be commanding (and Bluebird is a stunner; prior to me, she'd had one owner from new and full main agent service history) I have reluctantly decided that I might attempt to trade the old girl in for an Epping stove or part thereof.

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Halfie said...

Five speed, eh? Luxury! Your GL isn't so plain - you should try a DL!