Friday, January 26, 2007

Engine excitement

But unfortunately I can't share it fully with you, at least not yet ... Last Friday we looked in on the engne at RN, and it's starting to look really good. It's now sitting in their spanking new clean room, like a patient with a compromised immune system, and I took lots of pictures of its shiny new white metal bearings. The exciting thing was that we were sent a new set of photos this morning by Brian at RN (he has really got them organised!), showing the next stages of reassembly. The frustrating thing is that I can't upload them to the blog - must be in the wrong format or something. I'll work on it, and at least try to get them - and the others - up into the album.

If I could post them, they would show the crankshaft laying in the crankcase, then with the block in place on top, and finally, the timing gears in place. Things really do seem to be coming together, touch wood ...

On another topic entirely, our next door neighbours, inveterate caravanners and fans of the Discovery Channel's canal-related output, are thinking about hiring a boat in March (the month of March that is, although they might try the Fens), so we've lent them some of our growing stock of glossy mags. Another little thought - everyone is very disparaging about the glossy 'comics', but they all read them, don't they? Although I can't read C&R without wanting to copy- edit it; it is appalling. But, ooh, the nice colour pictures.


Anonymous said...

Really enjoying your blog, a joy to read such well written prose. Found it through Granny Buttons -once it had appeared back on the list. So many of the listed blogs have not been updated for ages.

Feel we have a few things in common as we have had dealings with R&N recently, Ian Crompton installing our reconditioned Gardener 2LW in our narrowboat The King last year.

Sympathised with the boatman's cabin curtains too. The ones that came with our boat are fixed with the sort of stretchy curtain wire you use for nets - not that I have any myself. It works well.

Have actually enjoyed the decorating and sorting out of the boat more than anything, still bringing things home (to Scotland) to paint on the dining room table. Currently the tiller, a new hatch and storage box.

Keep blogging, it's interesting stuff!

Sue Russell

S said...

Hi Sue

We've met! You won't recognise me without the boat but we met at Preston Brook where we had a long chat about composting toilets. Then subsequently met your other half at Atherstone last year and had another one! If you're still there in June maybe say hello again when we come up for the RN rally (engine permitting!) Thought your boat was lovely - but what a responsibility!
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