Thursday, January 04, 2007

If I had a Newhaven blog ...

I'm sorry, this still isn't about Warrior. I am saving my last remaining update from our last visit - the space under the engine room floor; bet you can't wait - for later. So in the meantime, a little bit more Newhaven test card (look, there is water in it).

When I wander around town I sometimes think I'd like to set up a Newhaven blog as a separate entity, but god knows I waste enough time on this one, so better not; I'll just hijack this one occasionally. A Newhaven blog would feature items like this:

Four shags in a row

Eat your heart out Granny Buttons. Although I suppose it's cheating if they've got perches. Years ago, when I was on the town council, the first phase of housing was completed on the West Quay, just inland from here, and we were asked for ideas for naming it. One member suggested Cormorant Quay, after the birds that frequent the area. We were all nodding and agreeing to this when the council's resident naturalist, David 'Badger' Harris, pointed out that the birds in question were not in fact cormorants, but black shags. My suggestion that the development be named Black Shag Buildings failed to garner much support and eventually it was called Christchurch Court. A missed opportunity, I've always felt.

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