Saturday, January 27, 2007

Three cans in a row

We now have quite a nice collection of cans - something I do like very much. The largest one, on the left, is the famous Phil Speight accidental Christmas present; a very beneficial accident it turned out to be. The smallest one, on the right, was bought as a boatwarming present for Andante, from the Kennet and Avon Canal Society's shop in Newbury. It has a phone number on the bottom, but no name. The roses are very similar in style to Phil's, at least to my untutored eye.

The middle one is in many ways the most interesting. We found it a couple of years ago in a pet shop-cum-antique shop in Lewes, East Sussex - i.e. a long way from any canals - and paid £27 for it. Its roses are in a completely different style - one I have seen elsewhere but can't really place - any ideas? I also like its slightly more muted colours. The paint on it is a bit tatty, but all we've done is give it a couple of coats of varnish to preserve it as it is. The frustrating thing is that at the same time as we bought this can, we could also have bought a full size painted milk churn (really nice too, not at all rusty like ones I've seen subsequently at twice the price) for £48. And we didn't, because we weren't feeling particularly flush at the time, but it's one thing I do give myself the occasional kick over.

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