Tuesday, June 05, 2007

And here we are

We started off at eight this morning, and arrived here at Atherstone at twenty to four. A fair few other boats are here already, mostly above the lock, which we are below. It was another good day's boating and it's a shame it's over. We had considered continuing on to Coventry, turning round and coming back (tomorrow) but it seems unlikely as there is still a lot to do to get Warrior looking its best and we still have the sterngear to sort out properly, although it's held up well so far.

I've been into the village to the Co-op, which is easy provided you turn left at the correct lock, and picked up some dinner ... and have been sitting out in the sun, thinking how very strange it is that we're here, given that two or three years ago we'd never seen Warrior, never heard of Compo, not been near Atherstone (or Stretton, or, indeed, that vast unknown hinterland, The Midlands) never given a thought to the RN rally ... how little things can change your life in unexpected and marvellous ways ...

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Anonymous said...

Good, now if you'd taken it a bit slower (is that possible) you'd still have another days boating!!!
Hope too many stakes not pulled out , enjoy the polishing up exercise, excluding of course the headlamp!!