Sunday, June 03, 2007

Boaters' favourite topic


Toilets. Where would you be without them? Well, boaters would have nothing to talk about, for a start. Sorry to disappoint, but our outing to the pumpout at Wheaton Aston yesterday went without a hitch (you have to have been following the story). Engine ran beautifully, no queue at the lock, no one else around - and someone had even left an almost unused card in the machine. Nothing nasty happened and we now have fully functioning facilities once more. Add to that the fact that now we're running the engine there's hot water in the shower, and we are really living a life of luxury.

Today we bid a very fond farewell to Stretton Wharf, which will be quite sad - it's been an important part of our life for over a year and we've been very happy with all the work that's been done while we've been here, the last of which is the stovepipe, specially built to reconcile the French stove with the existing hearth and chimney. It's now fitted and it looks great.

Last night we had a little soiree to say goodbye and thanks to everyone who's contributed to making Warrior the boat it is now, but it couldn't compete with Friday night's events, despite a polypin of Harveys and copious quantities of cake. And lots of conversations about toilets, sadly.


Boatwoman said...

LOL what is it about toilets, every boater has to talk about them, with no matter who they meet.
I can imagine how sad you felt to leave the Wharf, we will be the same when we leave Rogers basin. everyone has been so wonderful to us and we have enjoyed the whole process of the building of our boat, but like you we have places to see and people to meet.
We look forward to see you on the cut.
Where are you heading for first??

Anonymous said...

Getting stuck with 2ft 6 draught, now theres no excuse for that !!!!unless youre on a shopping trolley, a safe or a skoda!
3ft 6, your'e expected to get stuck, so if you were still moving, everyone would want to know why!!
Jim, keep that grease gun filled and ready, safe journey! martin

S said...

Yes Martin, I quite agree! It was great having you along on Friday and lovely to meet you; thanks for getting us safely home!