Saturday, June 16, 2007

Helyn gets her bottom painted at last

Poor little Helyn, sitting unassumingly on our drive for the best part of two years while we lavished attention on glamorous and demanding Warrior; her turn has finally come. Helyn is the 22' GRP cruiser, built by Callumcraft in about 1970, in which we first took to the water.

We've owned her since 2003, and cruised with her on the Thames and the Wey before taking her over to the Fens (by road!) where we spent a couple of happy years at Floods Ferry. So until getting Andante, when I was working in Huddersfield, we hadn't actually been on the canals at all, but I hope we're starting to make up for that now. Certainly with hindsight we didn't give ourselves an easy start - the Wey in November; and for our first trip in Andante, the Calder and Hebble.

The idea, of course, is to get Helyn looking shipshape again and then sell her, which will be sad, but it'll be nice to think of someone else getting a start with her. So that's another project I can blog about when things are quiet on the Warrior front.

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