Sunday, June 10, 2007

We survived the RN rally

It so reminded me of a conference (political, academic - take your pick). You turn up, collect your badge and programme (though you don't get a brass plaque from the Political Studies Association); decide which sessions/debates/workshops you want to go to; browse the stands, and end up in the bar. You meet lots of annoying people and some really interesting ones. You feel guilty for sitting about drinking tea and chatting when you really should be attending the debate on constitutional amendments/session on British political blogs/alternative fuels workshop. But in many ways the RN rally is better; you get to sleep on your own lovely boat rather than in some grotty room only vacated by an equally grotty student the previous day; you've paid your own way so are under no obligation to do anything in particular; you have lots of brass to polish (er...); the sun is shining and there's no air conditioning. I am very brown now, and will take great delight when people ask me at work tomorrow where I've been on my hols, in saying Coventry. Or possibly Nuneaton.

The National chapter convened in an exclusive little huddle around the bar last night and thoroughly enjoyed one another's company.

This morning we continued yesterday's activity of taking the governor to pieces and putting it back together again. After about the fourth time, with David from RN and Ian on the case, plus David from Tyrley's adjusting screw and Chris from Dove's drawings, and Allister's new springs, it is working much better, and we can tick over suitably slowly and smoothly.

And then it was time to leave, and return to the home we left nine days ago. So much has happened in that time that it feels like years rather than little more than a week. And all of it good. Just can't wait to get back to Warrior now and start to do some serious boating.

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Boatwoman said...

Hi Sarah.
So pleased you had a lovely time all in all.
It is always nice to catch up with people you already know, and to meet new people.
I hope your journey home is a nice one and the engine behaves.
Have a fun day...