Saturday, April 12, 2008

Catching up

Oh dear, I have been very remiss. I feel like someone who hasn't done their home work. Here I am, on the boat, loads of photogenic little jobs done to report on, loads of megathingiess of Vodafone's generous (well, it as they gave it to me for free) allowance left, and ... oh bugger!

One thing I was quite pleased with was I found another saucer at home that matches a lot of the china we have on the boat. That made two, so we were usung them to put our mugs on on the new cupboard (of which more later). Now, picture the scene, if you will. I am perched on a footstool, the laptop on a little cupboard by the front steps, the phone, connected by the longest but nonetheless not very long USB cable that I possess, on the roof, and suddensly everything goes dark and the laptop tells me its battery has run out and I need to switch to mains power NOW!!!! or the world will end. So I drag the mains cable from behind the sofa cushions where it's neatly stowed, give a sharp tug to release the transformer, which promptly lands on the new found saucer and breaks it in three. Ho hum. I am rapidly coming to the conclusion that the laptop needs a new battery which I bet will swiftly transmute into the need for a new laptop...

Anyway, given the large amount of upload capacity which I seem to have at my disposal (I have been very careful with it so far, measuring it out in coffee spoons, but I think I can afford to splurge a bit now), and the fact that the signal seems a bit better now, (weather? the fact that they've just dismantled a local wind turbine?) I thought I would have another try at a photo. What I haven't yey mastered is the art of reducing photo quality/file size, so mine are still all ridiculously big for blogging purposes (i.e. 1 to 1.5 Mb). Still, I will have a go. If it works, it's Willow in the back garden last weekend - huh, not so white now, are you my boy? If it doesn't, then nothing lost.

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Steve said...

Google "Easy Thunbnails". Its a free download that turns a 1.5Mb file in to about 150Kb. Its the one I use for blogging. Dead easy to use.