Sunday, April 06, 2008

Engine room ceiling

On our last visit to Warrior, Jim turned his attention to the engine room ceiling. The walls have already been panelled with lovely old T&G reclaimed from a house in Seaford, and insulated with polystyrene. The ceiling was always going to be trickier because of the curvature, and the two levels, but having finally got to grips with it, after a lot of planning and measuring, all proceeded
quite smoothly.
For insulation this time we used that newfangled silver bubblewrap stuff, which if it's a tenth as good as it claims is jolly good. We've put it on all the bare metal hatches too. It's stuck on with Evo-Stick. Not sure what they thought in Ramsey when Jim went back for the second large tin.

The panelling is attached to battens which in turn are screwed to the steel roof framing visible in the first photo. If the roof panel ever does need to be removed again, it will therefore be possible (although not something one would necessarily want to do).

And then he made a lining for the roof vent - the edges are still to be finished. The rest of the ceiling though has been filled and sanded, and undercoated and painted.

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