Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Holiday excitement begins

Two things have happened to tell us that the summer is going to come and Warrior will leave the marina this year: firstly our tickets for Cropredy have arrived. There's still something very exciting about having proper paper tickets (with a nice design printed on them) in your hand. Secondly we have held the traditional temporary licence telephone conversations with navigation authorities various.

Yes, I know we were going to get a gold licence, but we didn't, and it's not worth it now whichever way you slice it. Apparently. I didn't do the sums, but then I'm not very good at sums anyway. This is how it adds up: Nene, three days; canals, about five days; Thames, about a week; canals, as long as we can get away with..... Nene again to get home. Eventually. So, what's the most cost effective way of doing that then, given that we currently don't have any licence at all?

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John and Fiona on nb Epiphany said...

Hi Sarah - we have tickets for the Festival too! Not going by boat unfortunately. Will keep a look out for Warrior, perhaps we can have a mini banter!
John & Fi