Thursday, April 24, 2008

Whither Andante?

Before I went to see Mike yesterday, I got an email from him drawing my attention to this. Thanks also to Michelle, who emailed me about it from North Carolina. Andante is for sale again - apparently already under offer. So when Mike saw her go through Newbury the other week, it looks as if she was on her way to Whilton.

What a bastard, my first thought was, changing her bloody name - then getting rid of her! The chances of a new purchaser realising her real name and changing it back are pretty slim, but I hope that might happen. There's nothing wrong with Saxon as a name, but it's not Andante's name.

I grudgingly concede that he's tidied the engine room up quite nicely. Very impressive actually. And the ad gave Mike his first opportunity to see the changes I'd made - most of which are completely unaltered, down to the china duck, and he thought they looked nice (I think).

I hope she finds someone who'll keep her this time. Keep an eye out for her everyone....

Mind you, Sebastian was always pointing out that those quavers ought to be tied.

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Anonymous said...

I think it’s called synchronicity.
In an idle moment this morning I logged on to Granny Buttons to see what Andrew was up to these days, when I noticed the name Warrior on the blog list. Out of curiosity I clicked on it (a friend of the family served on the aircraft carrier H.M.S. Warrior in the Korean War) and found your reference to – and photo of – n/b Andante.
By chance, I went for a walk along the towpath from my own mooring at Cosgrove yesterday afternoon and saw what I believe may have been the same boat tied up on the offside on one of the permanent moorings. Of course, I could be wrong. It’s not an uncommon name. The bows were pointing south towards Milton Keynes, not north to Whilton.
I haven’t read enough of your blog to know the significance of all this, except that I gather the boat used to belong to you, and I thought you might be interested (“Keep an eye out for her, everyone …”) in knowing where she is.
Best wishes,
Leo McNeir