Saturday, July 25, 2009

Birthday wishes

Today has been my birthday, and of course, I effectively got my most wonderful present yesterday (see below), and was planning to spend today recovering from the excitement, but it has been a nice day in itself. We went to see Sebastian perform with the East Sussex Youth Orchestra at the De La Warr Pavilion in Bexhill (you may recall this is an annual pre-holiday occurrence) and after wards hade a lovely impromptu Italian meal with Vicky and Craig (aka Dr Duct).

And anyway, as one does, I started thinking profound thoughts about what I have learnt over the years, and in particular what I have realised in recent years, which is this: it isn't any good at all just sitting around waiting and hoping for things to happen, and then getting bitter if they don't. If you want something, don't let fear of failure hold you back from trying to make it happen. You're no worse off if you fail - and you might well succeed far more often than you expect.


Keith Lodge said...

Belated Birthday Wishes Sarah.... I trust that you got breakfast in bed?
Have a wonderful Sunday. Jo x

Anonymous said...

A belated happy birthsay Sarah - what a great birthday present!
- Carrie x

Amy said...

Hope you had a lovely day Sarah! And belated congratulations on Chertsey! James is v jealous!