Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Nice view

We have been able to leave Warrior on the very desirable linear moorings at Cowroast for a month courtesy of Mike, who contacted me out of the blue via CWF to offer us to tie up to his boat there, and subsequently by Bob, whom we met at Braunston and whose space we're using while he's travelling. Along with Bob at Braunston we met Jim and Sue, who have Owl and Hampton, and moor directly in front of Bob's space. So we have this lovely view out of the front hatches, for the brief time we're there. Hampton is a butty that has been subtly motorised, with a hydraulic drive to a propellor set into the ellum - which is made of steel, but you'd be hard pushed to tell. You can however see the hydraulic hoses, just about, in the photo, but it certainly beats chopping the end off.

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