Thursday, July 23, 2009

So farewell Helyn... I hope

I am feeling quite pleased with myself. This morning I finally compiled the Apollo Duck advert for Helyn, probably taking a good couple of hours over it, and then continually going back and editing all those bits that you only notice once it's finished and up there for the world to see. Then I dashed off to work, and whilst waiting on the station, got a phone call from someone who wants to come and see her tomorrow. So fingers crossed that they will be pleased with what they see... and then toes crossed that we will have something to spend the money on. I am currently holding my breath, the cause of which will be revealed soon, either with great jubilation, or with wailing and gnashing of teeth.

Have you noticed, if you have a scrolling mouse, that yesterday's rug photo is a rather disconcerting optical illusion? Move it up and down the screen, and it appears to get bigger and smaller.


Blossom said...

Hi Sarah
Blossom here. God thats weird with the podged rug. Just spent ten minutes playing with it. (the rug that is) Well what can I say, just been on CWD and looks like you have a propper back cabin to put your rug in! I'm over the moon for you and Jim, brilliant news. A certain big Woolwich motor passed us at the top of W'ton 21 earlier this year on her way from Oldbury and she looked in good shape.
All the best wishes

S said...

Thank you Blossom, that's lovely of you. Hope we will meet sometime soon.