Sunday, July 26, 2009

What I did today

Ah dear, that title reminds me of the first extended bit of writing Sebastian ever did, following a trip to Beachy Head aged about four. I was just starting to encourage him to write a diary, and with a lot of help he wrote (and I remember this verbatim to this day):
Today we went to Beachy Head and I saw a dead badger and I enjoyed myself except for the dead badger

Anyway, today I was on Tarporley doing short trips from Kings Place (through Islington tunnel, down City Road lock, wind, up City Road lock and back through the tunnel. Six times) and on the last trip I met a man who used to work on timber barges on the Lee in the 1960s. And I enjoyed myself except for getting caught by the wind just as I was about to make a perfect entrance into the lock and taking about ten minutes to get lined up again.

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