Monday, July 06, 2009

Press Ganging

Could blogganging be the new pressganging?

I suspect Jim and Sarah are wanting to check that their evil plan to corrupt a previously blameless soul and bring him over onto the sweet wet side, has fully taken root.

It's not enough to swear in privy your fealty to the narrow water; to renounce all salty lumpiness; to never say the word sa*l. A truly narrow person must swear out loud; in public; in blogger.

I suspect that their evil plan has indeed taken root.

I keep wondering how I could juggle holidays to get another boat trip in before it turns too cold and wet (but mustn't it be cosy to cruise with fires blazing?). Perhaps I could blog the plans and schemes to get time off work; to persuade the missus to go boating in autumn; and to persuade myself that I can really trust myself with Sarah and Jim's pride and joy.


Debbie said...

You must sail in the Autumn, it is one of the best times to sail. As you can imagine the colours of the trees is a site to behold! We often cruise about in the winter too, and it is indeed great to have the fire blazing below to toast cold toes on! Ok so it can be cold, but we wrap up warm,its worth the effort on a crisp, clear sunny winters morning!

We are either mad or very brave, as we dont have a cover on our boat so we get rather wet too! Its great fun though!

John Witts said...

Debbie's absolutely right!

But hang on, does this mean that some people DON'T use their boats in Winter? How odd.....