Sunday, July 05, 2009

This time last week (Sunday)

Oh, it seems so long ago now. On our final full day at Braunston we joined the parade again, this time both hitching a lift on Chiswick. It was a one way trip this time, as they were off to Oxford, so we hopped off at the turn. Highlights included passing Victoria just before the turn, snapping away (Sarah, I said sternly to myself, just how many photos of Victoria's fore end do you actually need?), and James and Mike deciding to have an impromptu tug of war - a rope was quickly thrown and attached, and they were off. After a couple of minutes an honourable draw was declared and we went our separate ways. Almost the best bit was watching a woman watching us from one of the modern boats moored on the towpath. She had a glass of wine in her hand, and never took her eyes off us, remaining completely expressionless throughout. No amusement; no anger or disgust; not even any bemusement. Nothing. You have to wonder why people like that bother staying alive, let along going boating.

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John Witts said...

Perhaps a case of 'all the lights were on and no-one was Home?!!'


John (wb Pippin)