Friday, July 17, 2009

What's on my desk?

Far too much stuff it would appear. It may not look like much, but I'm going to tidy it up now and see what's there. What should be there, obviously: monitor, keyboard, printer, mouse mat, mouse.

What's actually there:
On top of printer: case for phone (OK, need that to take to work today); card for Dean who is moving from his temporary flat (or extended holiday) on Battlebridge Basin to a house in Brighton; photo of me steering Chiswick; Birkbeck Stratford pen(very nice pens, our freebies); list of ideas for blog posts (this wasn't on it).

On the desk:
Camera; stapler; list of possible photos for blog post; receipt for additional beer purchased for works outing; list of peoples drink preferences for works outing; CD of photos from which I might be able to select one for the new Tarporley leaflet, which has been at the planning stage since last November (haven't looked at it yet); invitation and poster for the Angel Canal Festival; name badge from when I was ushering at the end of Faculty event; two sheets blank paper; card of man who is supposed to be getting back to me about an article on local councillors; new chequebook; bank statement; empty mug; Thames and Severn Canal book; DVD of waterways archive film (which computer is now refusing to play); address of Sebastian's friend in Orkney, who he might get round to visiting this year; another book - Ben Wilson, What Price Liberty; credit card statement (unpoened); two pencils; yellow highlighter pen; Political Studies Association pen with broken clip; contacts list for Tarporley; envelope containing spare exam papers from the week before last; one copy of the journal Politics; one copy of Political Studies; another yellow highlighter; post-it notes from the University of Portsmouth; HNBOC AGM minutes; letter from Canal Boat returning my subscription cheque because they said I hadn't sent my address - it was on the form they returned with the cheque; two A4 plastic wallets; another freebie pen; freebie coaster; to do list (at the bottom of the pile).

Now all tidied away, so it will be nice and clear when I get back from Cowroast.

Which item isn't in the photo?


Anonymous said...

Thames and Severn Canal book. Could a 'bad person' get details of your bank account by enlargeing the picture?

S said...

No, I did check that wasn't possible - and even if you have the skills, it wouldn't give you any more info than if I wrote you a cheque.

Anonymous said...

I bet you MP could if he was minded. Xray eyes and all that:)

Anonymous said...

The camera! ...hense the picture?

S said...