Monday, August 31, 2009

New Year's Eve

That's what it feels like. As an academic - as indeed as a schoolkid and student - the new year starts with the Autumn term. That's not officially for a few weeks yet, but somehow September 1st marks the big shift; the end of the holidays (we're back at home now), the end of summer; chilly misty mornings (because suddenly you're getting up earlier than you have since the height of summer) and for me, the smell of fermenting apples on the path leading to school (my children's school, in fact, but still a defining feature of the time of year.

So new year is of course a time of resolutions, and mine include not procrastinating (again) and writing 500 words a day of the book I have promised to deliver in just over a year's time.

This is going to be a very busy and full year. Not only is there the book; there is also the Chertsey project, and the connected domestic projects of selling the house we are living in, and converting another building that I own, an old forge, into cottages for us and for each son. And in the case of number one son, his partner and - may as well admit this now - forthcoming offspring (me a grandparent? Nooooooooo!)

So it is going to be a very momentous and no doubt challenging year, after a few years of, to be honest, coasting and enjoying the easy life. So wish me a happy new year, and let's see where we are in September 2010.


Amy said...

I felt the same this morning. Something had definitely changed, as I cycled to work in the September sun.

Also: did I read that right? If so, congratulations to No. 1 Son, and enjoy you impending grandmothership!

p.s I hope you got my email about the books which you can have back at any time!

S said...

No, didn't get email! What books are they?
Congratulations... hmmmm. Well, after I calmed down, I did say good luck!

Halfie said...

Happy New (academic) Year! And congratulations to all concerned on your imminent new status. I'm told that you have all the fun of small offspring without the hard work, although I'm not sure about that. I think you may be called upon for babysitting duties, especially if you'll be living next door!

S said...

Small offspring are not fun. I will not be babysitting. I shall run away.